The Project

A modification of the Venture 2008 VF0 project, the UberVFO is A frisbee containing 50 white LEDs, a PlC microcontroller for sequencing, a transistor array and batteries. The LEDs are programmed in 10 channels of 5 LEDs each. The project was Used as a demonstration to kids at the camp of what was possible with engineering education.

Design Constraints

  • Size – had to fit inside the frisbee, and be light enough to fly.
  • Secure – had to not fall apart when (not if) it hit the ground.
  • Cost – had to be cheap as this was not a sanctioned project. Spare and found parts were used.
  • Fun – had to be interesting.

My Role

  • Design. The schematic and board were of my design.
  • Programming. The base software was written by myself in C18.
  • Training. I trained another counsellor in surface mount soldering to assemble it.

Lessons Learned

  • Weight capacity of a Frisbee – given that some care is paid to its distribution, an impressive amount of weight can be added to a frisbee while maintaining the appearance of flight.